Stone Creations-Granite or Marble Care


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Stone Creations
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Granite and marble countertops are very durable and can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. If you have any questions on our products, please give us a call, or fax a not to the number listed above.

Maintenance: Care and Cleaning
- Natural granite and marble countertops should be cleaned with mild soap and water. PH balanced cleaners are the best choice.
- Special cleaners may be purchased through Stone Creations on request.

Things to Avoid:
- Avoid cleaning agents with ammonia or cleaners with strong acids like alkaline. These chemicals can etch the high gloss surface.
- Do not sit or stand on granite or marble countertops. Granite and marble will not bend and will crack if any flexing occurs.
- Do not allow liquids to sit on granite or marble for long periods. Oils in particular need to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Oils can penetrate granite and marble causing a stain. Most stains can be removed on granite. If a stain occurs, please call your granite fabricator on what procedures should be used to remove the specific stain.
- Granite is a very scratch resistant material. However, there are several things to avoid. Do not slide an object over the surface that may have a stone or sand on the bottom surface. Materials such as quartz can easily scratch granite. Although you can cut on the surface of granite, we do not recommend doing so. The hardiness of granite will take the edge off your knives, and on some softer materials can cause a scratch if enough pressure is applied.
- Marble is a very soft material. This material will scratch and stain easily. Care must be taken to avoid scratches. Sand on the bottom of shoes will scratch floor tiles easily. Liquids should be wiped up immediately. Liquids will penetrate the material quickly. Stains are very difficult o remove from marble. Most solvents used to remove stains will damage the marble.

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