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The only substance that is recommended for cleaning the sliding doors is a mild solution of soap and water, which should be liberally used to remove any salt deposits etc. that may have accumulated whilst at sea.  The doors can then be dried off using a suitable absorbent leather cloth, and when dry, the polished stainless steel if required, can be buffed up with a clean soft cloth.  On no account should aggressive materials be used for this purpose as they may well attack the mastic, etc. which is used to retain the glass into the stainless frames.
General Adjustments:

These usually fall into 3 categories:

1. The doors do not meet parallel at the centre closed position.

2. The lock will not line up with the keep on the next door.

3. The doors catch and scrape on the bottom of the track and do not run smoothly.

Before attempting to adjust any of the bottom wheels, C,D, it is essential that the top carriage wheel screws, A,B, are adjusted to release the wheels from the top of the track which will in turn allow the bottom wheels to adjust the door up and down.

To adjust for out of parallel, at the centre, the left and right bottom adjusters C&D, will be adjusted individually to allow either the left or right hand side of the door to be raised or lowered.

Once the door meets parallel in the middle, if the keep is not now in line with the lock, the left and right adjusters on the bottom of the door, C&D, must be equally adjusted up or down until the keep is in line with the lock, (always making sure that the doors still meet parallel in the centre).

After these adjustments are completed, the top of the door adjusters, A,B, should be screwed in so that the wheels on the top of the door take up the vertical slack of the door, until the doors run smoothly and true and cannot be lifted up or down.

If at any time the door appears to be binding on the bottom track and not running smoothly, it means the door has dropped and will of necessity mean the adjustments above must be carried out again.

It is suggested that the doors be periodically checked for their ease of running etc., about every 6 months, (depending on the usage of the boat).

At this time, also check that the top and bottom runner tracks are wiped clean and free from salt and grit deposits.

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