Maintenance – Carver Maintenance Schedule


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The maintenance activities and their intervals listed below are provided as guidelines only. The ideal maintenance activates and maintenance schedule depend on the components installed in your boat and the manner and environment in which you use your boat. The more frequently you use your boat, the more often maintenance needs to be preformed. If you use your boat in salt water, it requires more maintenance, especially on it’s exterior. For instructions on when and how to maintain many of your boat’s components, refer to the OEM information.
Maintenance activities are divided into four types:

Type A Maintenance
Perform Type A maintenance 48 hours after the first launch of your boat,and 48 hours after launching your boat following a period of onshore storage.

Type B Maintenance
Perform type B maintenance after the engines have operated for 25 hours following launching, whether your boat is new or coming out of onshore storage.

Type C Maintenance
Perform Type C maintenance semiannually or after the engines have operated for 100 hours, whichever comes first.

Type D Maintenance
Perform Type D Maintenance annually or after the engines have operated for 200 hours, whichever comes first.

Maintenance Log
Use a maintenance log to keep a record of the maintenance activities you perform on your boat. The log should list both the activities described in the following charts and the maintenance activities for the OEM equipment as recommended in the OEM information. Make copies of the log and keep the copy in a safe place.
Click here to download and print the Carver Maintenance Schedule