Karadon-Countertop Care


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FAMA Industries
Karadon Division
7-15050 54A Avenue
Surrey, B.C. V3S 5X7
Hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time
Telephone: 604-574-0885   Toll Free:  1-800-KARADON
(1-800-527-2366) Fax: 604-574-1033 Toll Free Fax: 888-527-2366
www.karadon.com Email: info@famaindustries.com

When properly cared for, Karadon™ will remain as beautiful as the day it was installed and will offer you a lifetime of service.

Satin Finish
Routine Cleaning: Wipe spills with a damp cloth and one of the recommended cleaners:
- Household dishwashing detergents
- Comet™ or Ajax™ abrasive cleaners
- Mild bleach solutions
- Ammonia based window cleaners

Scratches: Remove scratches by sanding with abrasive papers mounted on a flexible sanding block. Start sanding with at #150 grade paper and progress to a #400. Follow with an abrasive cleaner or with a grey Scotchbrite™ pad to even the finish and blend in the surrounding area.

Polished Surfaces:
Routine Cleaning: Wipe spills with a damp clothe and one of the recommended cleaners:
- Household dishwashing detergents
- Soft scrub or other nonabrasive cleaners
- Mild bleach solutions
- Ammonia based window cleaners

Scratches: Repairs to polished surfaces must be sanded out using progressively finer grades of abrasive to finish up at #1000 or 15 micron. The finish is then buffed using a medium to fine grade industrial polishing compound and a hand glaze swirl remover. This procedure is recommended for trained solid surface fabricators. For further information call 1-800-KARADON

Protect your investment
Do not expose KARADON™ to household or industrial chemicals such as paint strippers, drain cleaners or solvents. These may damage KARADON™ and should be immediately wiped from the surface if an accident should occur.

KARADON™ is designed to be thermal-formed, therefore do not subject the surface to heat emitting appliances or place hot items directly on the surface. Always use a hot pad or trivet. When cooking ensure that utensils do not overhang the stove and reflect heat to the countertop. This could create a hot spot and damage the countertop. Sudden changes from hot to cold, or cold to hot should be avoided as well. Although KARADON™ does withstand heat better than most ordinary countertops, damage caused by excessive heat is not covered by the warranty.

KARADON™ will last a lifetime but does need protection from heat, sudden temperature changes, cutting and chemical spills. Burns, impact marks or deep scratches on KARADON™ can be repaired. Contact your dealer or customer service at 1-800-KARADON or 604-574-0885.

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