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Seal of Approval Care and Maintenance Requirements
New carpet is a major investment that adds significantly to the quality, beauty, and warmth of your home. Proper care and maintenance not only protects your carpet, it gives added value to your carpet investment by providing you with many years of use.  Proper care includes routine vacuuming, fast and effective spot cleaning, and systematic professional cleaning using hot water extraction methodologies. In order for you to enjoy the full functional benefits of your carpet for many years of use, and to help promote a healthy environment, Beaulieu® recommends the use of carpet care products that have been tested and certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Seal of Approval (SOA) Program.  Spot Cleaners, vacuums, presprays, intank solutions and extractors that have obtained SOA certification have demonstrated a high level of carpet cleaning performance.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2007 all carpet purchased on and after this date require the use of carpet care products that have obtained CRI SOA certification to maintain your carpet’s warranties. Information on SOA certified products can be obtained at Effective the date of this notice and unless you have followed the Stain Removal Guide section of this brochure, claims for staining and soiling will not be considered if the carpet has not been cleaned and maintained using products that carry the CRI SOA certification.

Use walkoff mats
Soiling is the greatest threat to your carpet, and taking care of your carpet starts immediately after installation. The use of walk off mats at all entrances inside and outside are recommended.  Walk off mats must be cleaned and replaced regularly to prevent them from becoming a soiling source to your carpet.

Vacuum regularly
The most important thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it regularly. The beauty and life of your carpet will be enhanced by frequent vacuuming. Removing dirt particles will reduce fiber abrasion that will dull carpet fibers. Upright HEPA Filtered vacuum models equipped with an adjustable pile height setting and beater bar (which raises the pile height to assist in soil removal) are recommended. Air suction only vacuums are recommended for Shag and Frieze carpet. HEPA Filtered vacuum systems reduce the amount of particulate soil that can pass through bag models and be respirable.  Be sure to properly adjust your vacuum according to the pile height of your carpet to provide proper pile agitation and suction to remove soil.  For residential applications, rather than vacuuming all of your carpet every day, if needed, concentrate daily vacuuming to the traffic areas and use a weekly schedule for the rest of the home. More frequent vacuuming will be required for commercial applications.  Refer to the Carpet and Rug Institute’s publication Carpet Maintenance Guidelines for Commercial Applications to obtain recommended flooring maintenance guidelines. Vacuum cleaners should be pushed slowly, utilizing a minimum of four back and forth passes in each direction. Change vacuum bags and filters frequently and keep your vacuum in good operating condition.

Clean periodically
Your carpet is a significant investment.  Not only will periodic cleaning help prolong the life of your carpet and promote a healthy environment, it is also a mandatory requirement to maintain our warranty protection. Your carpet’s appearance during its life cycle will depend on several factors, including color, pattern, fiber, pile density, traffic and maintenance. Residential carpet must be cleaned by a certified carpet care professional at least every twelve (12) to twenty four (24) months. Carpet used in commercial environments can require more frequent cleaning. Your carpet must be cleaned by the hot water extraction method using carpet care products that are certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval program. Beaulieu® recommends your carpet be treated with a fluorochemical stain resistant treatment after each cleaning to maintain the full benefits these treatments provide. You are required to retain your receipts for proof of professional carpet cleaning services. For information and assistance in locating a certified carpet care professional, call our Technical Services Department at 800-944-2840.

Blot up spills immediately
No carpet is stain proof; however, prompt attention to spots and spills using the easy procedures outlined here will help relieve your carpet from stains.

Baby Formula  Latex Paint  Syrup
Beer  Fruit Punch/Juice  Tea
Blood  Graphite  Tomato Juice
Candy  Ice Cream  Urine
Catsup  Jelly  Vinegar
Clay  Kool Aid  Vomit
Coffee  Liquor  Wine
Cola  Mouthwash  Water
Cologne  Mustard  Watercolors
Cranberry Juice  Rust  Whiskey
Feces  Soft Drinks
Food Stains  Soil Spots

These contaminates usually consist of surface litter, dry dust, grit and various soils, beverages, and no greasy food stains that tend to adhere to the fibers making their removal by vacuuming difficult. Some of these contaminates have a tendency to spread with foot traffic if not cleaned as soon as possible. Always start by removing loose soils.  Dry blot wet soils with a clean white terry cloth towel. If the stain persists, use the appropriate cleaning method outlined in the stain removal guide. NOTE: Consumer should blot Watercolor stains using isopropyl alcohol until no more stain will transfer onto the white terry cloth towel.

For water soluble stains, start with Step A. If stain remains, proceed with Step B.
If stain continues to remain after you complete Step A and B, call our Technical Services Department at 800-944-2840.


Acne Medication  Furniture Polish  Medicines
Asphalt*  (oil based)  Milk
Asphalt Sealer  Glue*  Nail Polish
Butter  Gravy  Oil
Chocolate  Grease (black)  Oil Based Paint
Chocolate Milk  Gum*  Ointment
Cooking oil  Hand Cream  Salad Dressing
Cosmetics  Iodine  Shoe Polish
Crayon  Ink  Tar*
Felt Marker  Margarine  Varnish
Furniture Dye  Mayonnaise  Wax*

This type stain is usually the most difficult to clean. Included in this category are cosmetics, fats, grease, oil, salad oils, polishes, paint, ink, tar, oil based materials and waxes.

For oil based stains, use a commercially available volatile or citrus solvent spotter.  WARNING: Never apply solvents directly to your carpet! Solvent spotters should be applied to a white, terry cloth towel to be used for blotting. When using solvents be sure to allow for adequate ventilation. If the stain remains, proceed with the Step A cleaning method. If stain still persists, call our Technical Services Department at 800-944-2840. Professional cleaning may be required.

*Blot with commercially available solvent spotter to soften the solid material. Gently scrape up the softened solid material and then repeat solvent spotting to remove the residual.

It is important that you ACT QUICKLY! Refer to this guide for a list of solutions and specific procedures by stain type. Stains that are more difficult may require multiple cleanings. (When more than one step is recommended, proceed to the second solution only if after several applications of the first solution, the stain is not removed.)

Step A
1. Remove loose dirt and dry blot excess stain.
2. Dampen with lukewarm water for one minute and blot with terry cloth towel.
3. Repeat until no stain is evident on towel.
4. If stain persists, use 1/2 teaspoon liquid hand/dish detergent containing no lanolin or
bleach mixed with 1 pint of water and blot into stained area using a terry cloth towel.  Dampen with clear, lukewarm water to remove detergent and blot dry.
5. If stain persists, add water again, fold terry cloth at least 1/2″ thick and place over stain with weight. Check toweling every five minutes, or until carpet is stain free. This procedure may need to be repeated with deep stains.
6. Gently brush up pile and allow to dry before walking on carpet.
*If stain persists, blot with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Always pretest an inconspicuous area of carpet when using hydrogen peroxide before attempting to clean the stain. If stain reoccurs, call our Technical Services Department at 800-944-2840. Professional cleaning may be required.
WARNING: Do not attempt to clean acne medication, cosmetics, or hand cream stains using hydrogen peroxide.

Step B
1. Vacuum particles, soften stain with alcohol or dry cleaning solvent, and blot immediately.
2. If stain persists, follow guidelines 46 of Step A.
3. Gently brush up pile and allow to dry before walking on carpet.

1. Many spot removal solutions leave residue in carpet that can attract soil. A mist type sprayer containing the recommended cleaning solution is recommended to prevent over wetting.  Upon completion of spot cleaning, thoroughly rinse the area with lukewarm tap water. Several rinses may be necessary to completely remove residue.
2. Be careful not to saturate the carpet to the backing, carpet padding or subflooring
3. Never use any of the solutions in concentrations stronger than those recommended in this brochure. Always follow all warnings and precautions listed on containers of commercially available spot cleaners.
4. Spot clean starting from the outside of the stain and work towards the center.
5. Whenever recommended, be certain to pretest the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area before attempting to clean the stain.

Soiling is defined here as excessive amounts of loose dirt, dust, debris, or any other dry particulate matter that are nonoily and nonsticky. Dry soil is easy to remove from the carpet with a vacuum. Pay particular attention to track off areas and concentrated traffic areas, which may require daily vacuuming even if soil is not visible.

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