If your boat can take a beating in the Great Lakes, it can handle the seas anywhere.  Unlike salt water, fresh water is hard.  Rock hard. And those waves can be steep and breaking.  That means you take it on the chin, one wave after another in rapid succession.

Carver has been building boats in Wisconsin for more than 60 years, and we test them in some of the harshest cruising conditions on the planet. That’s why our hulls are supported by an extraordinary stringer system that reinforces the bow as much as the bottom.  A hull strong enough to take almost anywhere, in salt water or fresh, with confidence.  



The key to great performance and better fuel economy is a lighter boat.  But we do not sacrifice strength for performance.  To keep our boats lighter and stronger, we use a unique vacuum infused resin technology that draws in a precise amount of resin to saturate the fiberglass laminate rather than "over wetting" like other processes can do.

This state-of-the-art technology eliminates voids and excess fiberglass and resin build-up making the part both lighter and stronger.  That's why we use this technology in the formation of our hulls and most other component parts.  Add it all up and we eliminate hundreds of pounds of excess weight with a yacht that's stronger and ready to take on the sea.


At Carver Yachts, we continue to raise both structural standards and customer expectations through our cutting-edge technology and generations of handcrafted skills. We’re never satisfied with building anything less than the finest production cruising yachts in the world. Which is why every step of construction is performed in-house with the highest quality control standards in the industry.  

  • Superior high gloss wood-finished furnishings and cabinetry are meticulously built onsite by skilled craftspeople.  
  • Upholstered components, drapery, soft goods, exterior seating, and bolsters created in our own upholstery shop. Everything is handpicked, hand-cut, and hand-sewn.
  • All wiring is measured per boat and hand-cut to the exact specifications of each model—no off-the-shelf wiring harnesses are ever used. Every harness is personally signed by a technician for pride and accountability.
  • AC and DC electrical panels, gauges, and breakers are assembled and installed right in our facility.
  • Only the best lamination components are used below the water line. This minimizes potential structural deterioration from water immersion.  
  • Liners are made of super-strong fiberglass and ensure maximum hull rigidity and longevity.
  • Molded stringer systems are created using multiple layers of fiberglass-engineered fabric for lighter weight, superior strength, and resistance to water damage.
  • Hull lamination is accomplished with vacuum infusion using fiberglass engineered fabric, ensuring maximum strength with less weight.
  • Cabin and superstructures are supported with structural trusses that are laminated into the fiberglass deck support frame for optimum cabin strength and bridge stability.
  • Hull-to-Deck fastening methods include multiple systems to form a robust watertight bond.  
  • High quality stainless steel is used throughout the boat. All rails are continuous-welded and highly polished and buffed by hand for a high luster, seamless look. Stainless steel cleats and all exterior welds are hand polished.
  • Radar arches are built of welded premium grade aluminum for optimum strength. A 7-step process that minimizes that chance of corrosion.  Compared to fiberglass shell arches, aluminum provides four times the strength, less weight, structural support for the hardtop, and virtually no stress cracking.  
  • Aluminum cabin trusses create a structural grid in the superstructure and create superior support for frameless windows. All aluminum parts are painted with a leading brand of acrylic urethane topcoat. All exterior paint is clear coated for maximum UV protection.  
  • Aluminum floor truss systems provide superior structural integrity.
  • No cookie-cutter wiring. The power needs of each individual boat are determined according to individual specification. All wiring is measured and hand-cut to the exact requirement of each model. 
  • Secure connections. All wire connections are machine or hand-crimped using tinned-plated brass connectors to ensure precise tensions and a perfect connection every time. 
  • Battery connections are also crimped for additional reliability.
  • Maximum corrosion protection. All wire is tinned copper strand for ultimate corrosion resistance, durability, and high conductivity, and connections are sprayed with silicone for added protection. Battery cables are custom-designed to an exact fit on each Carver model and heat-shrunk to help prevent corrosion.
  • Safe, reliable power. An aluminum AC breaker box provides added protection, keeping AC breakers continually grounded and isolated in the event of a short. Magnetic circuit breakers provide a more stable transfer of power and eliminate unnecessary tripping due to heat and humidity.
  • The electrical bonding system links all metallic underwater components to minimize the effects of stray current. The galvanic isolator (zinc savers) extends the life of the sacrificial zinc anodes and protects underwater hardware from electric damage.
  • Each harness assembly is machine-tied every 16 inches for a clean, tight fit and personally signed by the technician who built it. All 12V harness sections are joined with pin connectors and 12V and 110V accessories are hardwired. Buss systems on the bridge allow installation of additional components.  
  • The most technologically advanced vinylester barrier and surface gel coatings minimize hull blistering, cracking, crazing, and weathering.
  • Sandblasting hull bottoms in preparation for painting assures bottom paint adherence and eliminates the “peeling effect.” Bottom paint is sprayed onto the hull creating a very smooth surface that minimizes friction with the water surface for greater efficiency. 

To maintain Carver Yachts reputation for quality, all systems and functions for every boat are tested during its final inspection prior to shipment to the dealer. This process is performed in our test pool facility and involves over 300 inspection points, including soak testing and engine run-up for every yacht.  No wonder the President of Carver Yachts can make this promise with confidence:

The Carver Yachts Promise
Every Carver Yacht owner has my personal pledge that we will provide whatever support is necessary to ensure the finest ownership experience in boating.  As a Carver owner, if you ever have a problem that cannot be remedied by your local dealer, I promise that the right technical support experts will be assigned to aid that dealer in solving your problem.

I invite you to take a closer look at Carver and see the difference.

Rob Parmentier
Carver Yachts